Get Into Golf Lessons

At Long Ashton Golf Club we believe that learning golf should be fun, enjoyable and interactive within a group.

If you are a complete beginner or have played very little, we have the perfect solution. Our group lessons start with the basic fundamentals from where you can gradually improve your golf and eventually gain the knowledge and confidence to play on the golf course.

Get Into Golf Courses

As the golfing season is fast approaching we would like to make you aware of the Get Into Golf beginner sessions we are hosting at Long Ashton Golf Club.

The Get Into Golf sessions are a great way to learn golf in a group environment. The lessons introduce all the golfing fundamentals and basics you need to learn the game of golf. The sessions are structured, fun and welcoming so you can enjoy the experience.

As you have already expressed your interest in learning golf, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our G.I.G sessions in March. The G.I.G sessions will take place on a Friday and Saturday in four week blocks, below are the dates:

Friday Sessions

Friday 1st March 
Friday 8th March 
Friday 22nd March
Friday 29th March

Saturday Sessions

Saturday 2nd March
Saturday 9th March 
Saturday 23rd March 
Saturday 30th March

All sessions run from 2:30pm - 3:30pm (Equipment included) 
Course cost - £30

If you are interested in signing up to one of these blocks then please contact one of our professional shop team to discuss further on 01275 392229 Opt 1 alternatively email us at [email protected]

Academy Membership

Academy membership is open to golfers who have come through the beginner coaching programmes/Get in Golf and is the progression into full membership at Long Ashton Golf Club. This membership is only available to those that the professional coaching staff have deemed are ready to start playing on the course and fully understand the golf etiquette on and off the course.

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One Hour Group Sessions

Week 1 - Introduction & Basic Hitting Principles
Week 2 - Introduction to Chipping
Week 3 - Introduction to Pitching
Week 4 - Introduction to Putting

Cost: £30 for 4 Sessions

Alongside the basic technique you will also learn about:

  • Basic Rules 
  • General Etiquette 
  • Learning about the Equipment

The weekly sessions are one hour long, learning golf with one of our Fully Qualified PGA Professionals. This structured beginner programme is a step-by-step guide to the basics of golf. From the grip, into the full swing and then into the short game.

All clubs and balls are provided with each session.

Beginner +

One Hour Group Sessions

Once you have attended the four-week Beginners course you are eligible to move onto the Beginner + course. The course is structured to follow on from the Beginners course, allowing you to continue improving your skills with more depth.

Week 1 - Introduction to Driving 
Week 2 - Introduction to Fairway Woods 
Week 3 - Introduction to basic Golf Rules and Etiquette 
Week 4 - Introduction to the Golf Course

Cost: £40 for 4 Sessions

Alongside the technique we also learn about:

  • How to Practice 
  • Pre-Shot Routine 
  • Course Management

The weekly sessions are one hour long, learning golf with one of our Fully Qualified PGA Professionals. The beginners + programme is a similar step-by-step guide helping you to improve your skills further with more individual feedback.

All clubs and balls are provided with each session.